Dating (and Christian dating) are very important subjects, especially for those of you who are single. I do not envy those who are single and looking for someone to eventually marry. Please read my article on "courtship" to read what I recommend and read my article on how my wife and I did it. Unfortunately, a search for "Christian dating" will yield hundreds of Christian dating sites, but very little information on how Christians should actually date.

According to Christian mingle, "In a survey of 716 Christians released in January [2014], only 11 percent said they save sex exclusively for marriage. 90 percent of them said they would be comfortable with premarital sex and 61 percent without any strings attached, while 23 percent said they would have to be 'in love.' Five percent said they would wait to get engaged. This data supports a 2011 Relevant Magazine poll that revealed that 80 percent of 'young, unmarried Christians have had sex' and that 'two-thirds have been sexually active in the last year.'" [1]

I am very concerned that the world is constantly promoting sex but the Church is largely silent on it. Pornography is everywhere and our youth are largely ignorant of the consequences of sexual sin, as well as the benefits of sexual purity.

If you haven't read the story of how I met my wife, I encourage you to read that by clicking here. Basically we met while serving together in ministry, we got to know each other as friends, and then we courted. This is another topic the Church is largely silent on. Our youth rarely know what courting looks like, or even what it is. Let's try to change all of this as the enemy is very strong in this area and it has grave consequences.



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