The Bible says that a critical part of the ministry of Jesus Christ and His disciples was delivering people from demons. It is also interesting that some of these people were religious people. I have spoken to seers like Blake Healy who has always seen openly into the spirit realm and he has never seen a person without an angel, and he has never seen a person without a demon at some point. I have participated in numerous deliverances and have been particularly intrigued by Jay Bartlett and how he is led to minister. He believes we all need deliverance from time to time. This has also been my experience.

Shortly after I became a Christian in 1987, I remember my Youth Pastor and a female youth group leader praying over a Christian girl from youth group who was thrashing around and obviously had a demon. Later in college at Asbury University, I would be sitting next to a friend of mine who was the son of missionaries. An altar call was given where everyone was given a penny and asked to come forward and place it in a jar to recommit their lives to Jesus Christ. My friend couldn't move. He curled up and rolled over. I asked the speaker, a Professor at the University, to come over and a circle of us ministered to him for I'd guess an hour until the demon finally left. He spoke in a demonic voice, telling us we had no power, there was no power in the blood of Jesus, and other lies. We never asked his name, how many were in him, or how they gained permission. I spoke to my friend after who was in shock because he knew he was a Christian and had no idea how that could have happened. I wish I had answers for him then. Later I would attend a small spanish service at a Pentecostal church when a young man came in late and soon manifested demons. We took him in a back room where a group of us tried to cast the demon(s) out but it or they wouldn't leave. I'm not sure what happened to him after that. I have learned a lot since then.

I look at the early church in Acts 2 and 4, how close these people were as the family of God, and it is not difficult to believe they had so much unity and ministry to each other that deliverance was a normal practice for all of them. Now that I have witnessed so many deliverances and have learned so much from them, I see the clear need for us all to investigate, explore and journey deep within the soulish realms of our life. You see, when we become a Christian, our spirit is made alive which makes us a new creation. Our spirit cannot have a demon attached but our body and complex soul can. Read my article on demonic possession/oppression for more information on the differences and why Christians can't be possessed by they can be oppressed and demonized. I have seen more Christians get delivered that non-Christians. Sometimes deliverance happens during a conversion to Christ but usually it is something that needs to happen after. It is the same with the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

I encourage you to look into effective deliverance ministries like Jay Bartlett or a ministry like Liebusters which specializes in what is often termed "inner healing" ministry. These are ministries or ministers which will work with you and the Holy Spirit to bring complete deliverance to your body and soul. There is also the need to look at our bloodlines and generational issues that do not automatically go away when you become a Christian. I used to think they do but I have now know that it is a reality we need to deal with if we want to be completely free and have clean DNA.

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