The "Emerging" Church

Fist of all, there is some between the "Emergent" church and the "Emerging" church, although sometimes they blend together. The Emergent church typically refers to the "Emergent Village," associated with Brian McLaren and has a lot of false teaching.

The Emerging church (sometimes referred to as the emergent movement) refers to a movement of sorts which is difficult to define. Proponents of this movement call it a "conversation" to emphasize its developing and decentralized nature as well as its emphasis on interfaith dialogue rather than verbal evangelism.

I am not going to take time to dissect this at there is a lot to it. I encourage you to read the Wikipedia entry on the Emerging Church, as well as do your own research. There are numerous books on this subject but the movement is fluid and changing. What matters is that much of it is false teaching and detracts from Orthodox Christian doctrine, the Gospel, and what Christ has clearly called us to. I know many of the people involved in this movement and know they embrace false teachings and heretical views.

A short article on this movement by Got Questions Ministries has been written here. CARM (The Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry) has written a lot about the Emerging Church movement here.

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