This section of my website will inevitably incite opinions (everybody has an opinion!) and everyone won't find everything funny. Hopefully you'll find something here (all clean of course) that can make you laugh.

Humor in the Bible

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The Theology of BBQ

The Theology of Cigars

Top Ten Sermons I Will Never Preach

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OTHER THINGS I FOUND FUNNY If the links don't work, just Google the name and you should find it

Numa Numa
Evolution of Dance
Evolution of Dance 2
The Song of Solomon Illustrated
Current Issue of "Jihad Bride"
Achmed the Dead Terrorist
Prosperity Praise
Me Church
Baby Got Book
Veggietales - The Dance of the Cucumber
Veggietales - The Song of the Cebu
Young Con Anthem
Giant Waterslide Jump (Although it's not real)
Bible In A Minute
Surprised Kitty (Awwww!)
Twin Baby Boys Have A Conversation (1 of 2)
Twin Baby Boys Have A Conversation (2 of 2)
The Digital Story of Christmas (Nativity 2.0)
A Social Network Christmas

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