I would like to have an entire website devoted to exposing Islam for what it really is, but for now, it gets a page on which I will provide a brief explanation, and also refer you to the predominate resources out there which go into more detail.

Islam is one of the greatest threats to Christianity, as well as humanity as a whole. It's poisonous beliefs have spread across the world, resulting in possibly more Muslims than Christians. You see, just because you believe in Jesus Christ doesn't make you a Christian. I have been a Christian since 1989 and studied Islam (as well as the other major religions) shortly after that. I met several Muslims at college (Khalid, Omar, Faisal...), became their friend, and even went with them to their mosque, all while I was sharing Christ with them, and bringing them to church. However, I did not study Islam in greater detail until later, much to my regret. 9-11 and the events surrounding it were the final wake-up call that prompted me to learn all I could about Islam and how Islam will play out in the last days. I was shocked at what I found, prompting me to devote myself to reaching out to Muslims in love (and Christians with the facts). I believe much of the Christian church is experiencing "cold love" for our Muslim brothers and sisters and that needs to end. Christ made it very clear how to address them... with the Gospel in love. We are also very ignorant of it's roots and beliefs, who Mohammad was, and what the Islamic writings actually say.

"Islam provides only one prime source of information on Muhammad and the formation of Islam written within two centuries of the time he lived and it was conceived. Ishaq’s Sira, or Biography, stands alone - a singular and tenuous thread connecting us to a very troubled man and time. Over the next two hundred years, other Hadith Collections were compiled by the likes of Tabari, Bukhari, and Muslim. Their assemblages of oral reports, or Traditions, were said to have been inspired by Allah. They purport to convey Muhammad’s words and example. They also explain the Qur'an - a book so deficient in context and chronology, it can only be understood when seen through the eyes of the Sunnah writers... Even a cursory reading of the Qur'an is sufficient to prove that it is a fraud. There is no way the creator of the universe wrote a book devoid of context, without chronology or intelligent transitions. Such a creative spirit wouldn’t need to plagiarize. He would know history and science and thus wouldn’t have made such a fool of himself. The God who created man wouldn’t deceive him or lead him to hell as Allah does. Nor would he order men to terrorize, mutilate, rob, enslave, and slaughter the followers of other Scriptures he claims he revealed, wiping them out to the last. One doesn’t need a scholastic review of the Qur'anic text to disprove its veracity. It destroys itself quite nicely.

Most of the Qur'an was lifted from the Torah and Talmud. (Apparently God ran out of good material when he finished the Bible.) Muhammad aside, there are only four non-Biblical characters in the Qur'an. Two represent mythical leaders of mythical lands. The third was Muhammad’s biggest critic, his uncle Abu. The fourth was Alexander the Great - a Muslim prophet, according to Allah. While all the other names are the same - Adam, Noah, Satan, Gabriel, Abraham, Isaac, Ishmael, Jacob, Joshua, Lot, Moses, Aaron, Jonah, David, Solomon, Mary, and Jesus - their stories are not. The historical events surrounding these lives so meticulously detailed by the Jewish scribes were purposefully convoluted - ripped out of context and time - to justify Muhammad’s thinly disguised agenda. I share this now so you might know that without the inclusion of Bible characters and stories, the Qur'an and Hadith would be very thin on spirituality. We would be left with little more than temper tantrums, threats, and terror. No one would confuse it for a religion.

As for the gross variance between the Bible and Qur'an, the Ar-Rahman/Allah/Muhammad team claimed that the forty literate Jews who lived and witnessed these events, performed the miracles, and recorded the prophecies, got them wrong; well, except for the overwhelming number of passages they copied. Then Muhammad claimed that he, an illiterate Arab, an enemy of the Jews living 900 miles distant and six to twenty-six centuries after the fact, revealed the "truthful" account, having corrected their deceptions. In an ignorant world, it must have sounded plausible." - Craig Winn

What's more disturbing is the man they revere, Mohammad. "Following his first Qur'anic revelation, Muhammad claimed to have been demon possessed. By his own admission, he tried to commit suicide. Those who knew him best, his family and neighbors, said that he had gone mad. "He is a demon-possessed sorcerer fabricating scripture," they said, accusing him of plagiarism and of having purely selfish motives. They mocked his prophetic claims, ridiculed his Qur'an, and said that his preposterous notion of turning many pagan idols into the one God was insane. As a result of this verbal abuse, all chronicled in the Qur'an, Muhammad pledged to slaughter his kin... He used Qur'anic scripture to justify some of the most horrific behavior imaginable: pedophilia, incest, rape, torture, assassinations, thievery, mass murder, and terror - all in an unbridled orgy of sex, power, and money... When he was fifty, Muhammad married a six-year-old child. Then he stole his son’s wife. After forcing young girls to watch his men execute their fathers, Muhammad raped them. He tortured his victims to make sure no booty escaped his grasp. He committed mass murder, slaughtering Jews in genocidal rage. In ten years, he ordered a score of assassinations and conducted seventy-five terrorist raids. He used the sword to force Arabs into submission and used the slave trade to finance Islam. He was more interested in collecting girls and taxes than anything else. He ruled through fear. And his god condoned it all." - Craig Winn


For more information on Islam, a good start would be reading Robert Spencer's The Truth About Muhammad, or visiting Prophet of Doom (Craig Winn) or Faith Freedom International.

A copy of Craig Winn's exhaustive work "Prophet of Doom" can be viewed or downloaded free of charge from a page on his website by clicking HERE. Click HERE if link doesn't work for another website with the book. You can listen to the audio book HERE or HERE. If these links stop working, please do an internet search and find the book or email me for a copy. I don't agreee with Craig Winn on some other topics but his handling of Islam in this book is excellent.

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