Nomology (Study of God's Law)

The complete Hebrew Law has a total 613 precepts. It is broken into three categories:

1. The Ceremonial Law. For the worship of God--how the Tabernacle was to be constructed, what to wear--ordinances saying not to wear cotton and wool together because the combination produces sweat. What to eat--certain animals are "scavengers" and are not healthy to eat, etc.

2. The Civil Law. How the nation of Israel was to govern. How they were to treat their slaves (servants), punish murderers, rapists, how to stop rebellion, etc.

3. The Moral Law. The Ten Commandments. God sees the thought-life of each of us and considers lust a violation of the Seventh Commandment (see Matthew 5:27-28). He also sees hatred as murder. It is the Moral Law that you are bound by (see Romans 2:15) and that is the Law that will judge you on Judgment Day (see Romans 2:12, James 2:12). It is the Moral Law that will justly send you to Hell for your sins.

However, God in His great kindness, offers you forgiveness of sins through repentance and faith in Jesus--everlasting life. Only a fool would refuse such an incredible offer. Please, think about your salvation. There's nothing more important than where you will spend eternity.

Go to my page on God's Law, as well as the Ten Commandments for more information on this subject. An interesting analysis of the 613 Mitzvot can be found at

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