Orthodox Catholic Church

The Orthodox Catholic Church (aka Orthodox Church or Eastern Orthodox Church) is different than the Roman Catholic Church and quite different from Protestant churches. It is said that the Orthodox Church is the second largest Christian church in the world,[1] with an estimated 225–300 million adherents.[2]

Unfortunately, the Orthodox Catholic Church has a lot of similarities with the Roman Catholic church when it comes to doctrines and practices which contradict the Bible. However, both of these churches are considered unified in their theology and worship, which makes it easy to show where they are in error.

"Sadly, the doctrine of justification by faith is virtually absent from the history and theology of the Orthodox Church. Rather, Orthodoxy emphasizes theosis (literally, "divinization"), the gradual process by which Christians become more and more like Christ. What many in the Orthodox tradition fail to understand is that "divinization" is the progressive result of salvation, not a requirement for salvation itself. Other Orthodox distinctives that are in conflict with the Bible include:

  • The equal authority of church tradition and Scripture
  • Discouragement of individuals interpreting the Bible apart from tradition
  • The perpetual virginity of Mary
  • Prayer for the dead
  • Baptism of infants without reference to individual responsibility and faith
  • The possibility of receiving salvation after death
  • The possibility of losing salvation

    While the Eastern Orthodox Church has claimed some of the church's great voices, and while there are many in the Orthodox tradition that have a genuine salvation relationship with Jesus Christ, the Orthodox church itself does not speak with a clear message that can be harmonized with the Biblical gospel of Christ. The call of the Reformers for "Scripture alone, faith alone, grace alone, and Christ alone" is missing in the Eastern Orthodox Church, and that is too precious a treasure to do without."[3]


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