Post-Nicene Fathers

PLEASE NOTE - This is an aphabetical list of Church Fathers but is not exclusively Post-Nicene.

Alexander of Alexandria
  - Epistles on the Arian Heresy and the Deposition of Arius
Alexander of Lycopolis
  - Of the Manicheans
Ambrose (340-397)
  - On the Christian Faith (De fide)
  - On the Holy Spirit
  - On the Mysteries
  - On Repentance
  - On the Duties of the Clergy
  - Concerning Virgins
  - Concerning Widows
  - On the Death of Satyrus
  - Memorial of Symmachus
  - Sermon against Auxentius
  - Letters
Aphrahat/Aphraates (c. 280-367)
  - Demonstrations
  - Acts of the Disputation with the Heresiarch Manes
Aristides the Philosopher
  - The Apology
  - Against the Heathen
  - Against the Heathen
  - On the Incarnation of the Word
  - Deposition of Arius
  - Statement of Faith
  - On Luke 10:22 (Matthew 11:27)
  - Circular Letter
  - Apologia Contra Arianos
  - De Decretis
  - De Sententia Dionysii
  - Vita S. Antoni (Life of St. Anthony)
  - Ad Episcopus Aegypti et Libyae
  - Apologia ad Constantium
  - Apologia de Fuga
  - Historia Arianorum
  - Four Discourses Against the Arians
  - De Synodis
  - Tomus ad Antiochenos
  - Ad Afros Epistola Synodica
  - Historia Acephala
  - Letters
  - A Plea for the Christians
  - The Resurrection of the Dead
Augustine of Hippo
  - Confessions
  - Letters
  - City of God
  - Christian Doctrine
  - On the Holy Trinity
  - The Enchiridion
  - On the Catechising of the Uninstructed
  - On Faith and the Creed
  - Concerning Faith of Things Not Seen
  - On the Profit of Believing
  - On the Creed: A Sermon to Catechumens
  - On Continence
  - On the Good of Marriage
  - On Holy Virginity
  - On the Good of Widowhood
  - On Lying
  - To Consentius: Against Lying
  - On the Work of Monks
  - On Patience
  - On Care to be Had For the Dead
  - On the Morals of the Catholic Church
  - On the Morals of the Manichaeans
  - On Two Souls, Against the Manichaeans
  - Acts or Disputation Against Fortunatus the Manichaean
  - Against the Epistle of Manichaeus Called Fundamental
  - Reply to Faustus the Manichaean
  - Concerning the Nature of Good, Against the Manichaeans
  - On Baptism, Against the Donatists
  - Answer to Letters of Petilian, Bishop of Cirta
  - Merits and Remission of Sin, and Infant Baptism
  - On the Spirit and the Letter
  - On Nature and Grace
  - On Man's Perfection in Righteousness
  - On the Proceedings of Pelagius
  - On the Grace of Christ, and on Original Sin
  - On Marriage and Concupiscence
  - On the Soul and its Origin
  - Against Two Letters of the Pelagians
  - On Grace and Free Will
  - On Rebuke and Grace
  - The Predestination of the Saints/Gift of Perseverance
  - Our Lord's Sermon on the Mount
  - The Harmony of the Gospels
  - Sermons on Selected Lessons of the New Testament
  - Tractates on the Gospel of John
  - Homilies on the First Epistle of John
  - Soliloquies
  - The Enarrations, or Expositions, on the Psalms
Bardesanes (154-222)
  - The Book of the Laws of Various Countries
  - Epistle of Barnabas
Basil the Great
  - De Spiritu Sancto
  - Nine Homilies of Hexaemeron
  - Letters
  - Fragments
Clement of Alexandria
  - Who is the Rich Man That Shall Be Saved?
  - Exhortation to the Heathen
  - The Instructor
  - The Stromata, or Miscellanies
  - Fragments
Clement of Rome
  - First Epistle
  - Second Epistle [SPURIOUS]
  - Two Epistles Concerning Virginity [SPURIOUS]
  - Recognitions [SPURIOUS]
  - Clementine Homilies [SPURIOUS]
  - Writings
Cyprian of Carthage
  - The Life and Passion of Cyprian By Pontius the Deacon
  - The Epistles of Cyprian
  - The Treatises of Cyprian
  - The Seventh Council of Carthage
Cyril of Jerusalem
  - Catechetical Lectures
Dionysius of Rome
  - Against the Sabellians
Dionysius the Great
  - Epistles and Epistolary Fragments
  - Exegetical Fragments
  - Miscellaneous Fragments
Ephraim the Syrian (306-373)
  - Nisibene Hymns
  - Miscellaneous Hymns -- On the Nativity of Christ in the Flesh, For the Feast of the Epiphany, and On the Faith ("The Pearl")
  - Homilies -- On Our Lord, On Admonition and Repentance, and On the Sinful Woman
Eusebius of Caesarea (c. 265-c. 340)
  - Church History
  - Life of Constantine
  - Oration of Constantine "to the Assembly of the Saints"
  - Oration in Praise of Constantine
  - Letter on the Council of Nicaea
Gennadius of Marseilles
  - Illustrious Men (Supplement to Jerome)
Gregory the Great, Pope (c. 540-604)
  - Pastoral Rule
  - Register of Letters
Gregory Nazianzen
  - Orations
  - Letters
Gregory of Nyssa
  - Against Eunomius
  - Answer to Eunomius' Second Book
  - On the Holy Spirit (Against the Followers of Macedonius)
  - On the Holy Trinity, and of the Godhead of the Holy Spirit (To Eustathius)
  - On "Not Three Gods" (To Ablabius)
  - On the Faith (To Simplicius)
  - On Virginity
  - On Infants' Early Deaths
  - On Pilgrimages
  - On the Making of Man
  - On the Soul and the Resurrection
  - The Great Catechism
  - Funeral Oration on Meletius
  - On the Baptism of Christ (Sermon for the Day of Lights)
  - Letters
Gregory Thaumaturgus
  - A Declaration of Faith
  - A Metaphrase of the Book of Ecclesiastes
  - Canonical Epistle
  - The Oration and Panegyric Addressed to Origen
  - A Sectional Confession of Faith
  - On the Trinity
  - Twelve Topics on the Faith
  - On the Subject of the Soul
  - Four Homilies
  - On All the Saints
  - On Matthew 6:22-23
  - The Pastor (or "The Shepherd")
Hilary of Poitiers
  - On the Councils, or the Faith of the Easterns
  - On the Trinity
  - Homilies on the Psalms
  - The Refutation of All Heresies
  - Some Exegetical Fragments of Hippolytus
  - Expository Treatise Against the Jews
  - Against Plato, On the Cause of the Universe
  - Against the Heresy of Noetus
  - Discourse on the Holy Theophany
  - The Antichrist
  - The End of the World (Pseudonymous)
  - The Apostles and the Disciples (Pseudonymous)
Ignatius of Antioch
  - Epistle to the Ephesians
  - Epistle to the Magnesians
  - Epistle to the Trallians
  - Epistle to the Romans
  - Epistle to the Philadelphians
  - Epistle to the Smyrnæans
  - Epistle to Polycarp
  - The Martyrdom of Ignatius
  - The Spurious Epistles
Irenaeus of Lyons
  - Adversus haereses
  - Fragments from the Lost Writings of Irenaeus
  - Letters
  - The Perpetual Virginity of Blessed Mary
  - To Pammachius Against John of Jerusalem
  - The Dialogue Against the Luciferians
  - The Life of Malchus, the Captive Monk
  - The Life of S. Hilarion
  - The Life of Paulus the First Hermit
  - Against Jovinianus
  - Against Vigilantius
  - Against the Pelagians
  - Prefaces
  - De Viris Illustribus (Illustrious Men)
  - Apology for himself against the Books of Rufinus
John of Damascus
  - Exposition of the Faith
John Cassian (c. 360-c. 435)
  - Institutes
  - Conferences
  - On the Incarnation of the Lord (Against Nestorius)
John Chrysostom
  - Homilies on the Gospel of St. Matthew
  - Homilies on Acts
  - Homilies on Romans
  - Homilies on First Corinthians
  - Homilies on Second Corinthians
  - Homilies on Ephesians
  - Homilies on Philippians
  - Homilies on Colossians
  - Homilies on First Thessalonians
  - Homilies on Second Thessalonians
  - Homilies on First Timothy
  - Homilies on Second Timothy
  - Homilies on Titus
  - Homilies on Philemon
  - Commentary on Galatians
  - Homilies on the Gospel of John
  - Homilies on the Epistle to the Hebrews
  - Homilies on the Statues
  - No One Can Harm the Man Who Does Not Injure Himself
  - Two Letters to Theodore After His Fall
  - Letter to a Young Widow
  - Homily on St. Ignatius
  - Homily on St. Babylas
  - Homily Concerning "Lowliness of Mind"
  - Instructions to Catechumens
  - Three Homilies on the Power of Satan
  - Homily on the Passage "Father, if it be possible . . ."
  - Homily on the Paralytic Lowered Through the Roof
  - Homily on the Passage "If your enemy hunger, feed him."
  - Homily Against Publishing the Errors of the Brethren
  - First Homily on Eutropius
  - Second Homily on Eutropius (After His Captivity)
  - Four Letters to Olympias
  - Letter to Some Priests of Antioch
  - Correspondence with Pope Innocent I
  - On the Priesthood
Julius Africanus
  - Extant Writings
Justin Martyr
  - First Apology
  - Second Apology
  - Dialogue with Trypho
  - Hortatory Address to the Greeks
  - On the Sole Government of God
  - Fragments of the Lost Work on the Resurrection
  - Miscellaneous Fragments from Lost Writings
  - Martyrdom of Justin, Chariton, and other Roman Martyrs
  - Discourse to the Greeks
  - The Divine Institutes
  - The Epitome of the Divine Institutes
  - On the Anger of God
  - On the Workmanship of God
  - Of the Manner In Which the Persecutors Died
  - Fragments of Lactantius
  - The Phoenix
  - A Poem on the Passion of the Lord
Leo the Great, Pope (c. 395-461)
  - Sermons
  - Letters
  - Epistle
Mar Jacob (452-521)
  - Canticle on Edessa
  - Homily on Habib the Martyr
  - Homily on Guria and Shamuna
  - Epistle to Diognetus
  - The Banquet of the Ten Virgins
  - Concerning Free Will
  - From the Discourse on the Resurrection
  - Fragments
  - Oration Concerning Simeon and Anna
  - Oration on the Psalms
  - Three Fragments from the Homily on the Cross and Passion of Christ
Minucius Felix
  - Octavius
Moses of Chorene (c. 400-c. 490)
  - History of Armenia
  - Treatise Concerning the Trinity
  - On the Jewish Meats
  - De Principiis
  - Africanus to Origen
  - Origen to Africanus
  - Origen to Gregory
  - Against Celsus
  - Letter of Origen to Gregory
  - Commentary on the Gospel of John
  - Commentary on the Gospel of Matthew
  - Exposition on the Acts of the Apostles
  - Fragments
Peter of Alexandria
  - The Genuine Acts
  - The Canonical Epistle
  - Fragments
  - Epistle to the Philippians
  - The Martyrdom of Polycarp
  - Apology
  - Commentary on the Apostles' Creed
  - Prefaces and Other Works
Socrates Scholasticus (c. 379-c. 450)
  - Ecclesiastical History
Sozomen (c. 375-c. 447)
  - Ecclesiastical History
Sulpitius Severus (c. 363-c. 420)
  - On the Life of St. Martin
  - Letters -- Genuine and Dubious
  - Dialogues
  - Sacred History
  - Address to the Greeks
  - Fragments
  - The Diatessaron
  - The Apology
  - On Idolatry
  - De Spectaculis (The Shows)
  - De Corona (The Chaplet)
  - To Scapula
  - Ad Nationes
  - An Answer to the Jews
  - The Soul's Testimony
  - A Treatise on the Soul
  - The Prescription Against Heretics
  - Against Marcion
  - Against Hermogenes
  - Against the Valentinians
  - On the Flesh of Christ
  - On the Resurrection of the Flesh
  - Against Praxeas
  - Scorpiace
  - Appendix (Against All Heresies)
  - On Repentance
  - On Baptism
  - On Prayer
  - Ad Martyras
  - The Martyrdom of Perpetua and Felicity (Sometimes attributed to Tertullian)
  - Of Patience
  - On the Pallium
  - On the Apparel of Women
  - On the Veiling of Virgins
  - To His Wife
  - On Exhortation to Chastity
  - On Monogamy
  - On Modesty
  - On Fasting
  - De Fuga in Persecutione
  - Counter-Statements to Cyril's 12 Anathemas against Nestorius
  - Ecclesiastical History
  - Dialogues ("Eranistes" or "Polymorphus")
  - Demonstrations by Syllogism
  - Letters
  - Excerpts
  - Theophilus to Autolycus
  - Poem on Easter
  - On the Creation of the World
  - Commentary on the Apocalypse of the Blessed John
Vincent of Lérins (d. c. 450)
  - Commonitory for the Antiquity and Universality of the Catholic Faith

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