The Prayer of Jabez

I generally do not like to review books but I needed to explain to my former Pastor at Oasis Church who was strongly pushing this book on the entire church why I had concerns over it. As a result, I decided to be thorough and later post it on my website for others. I spent a day pouring over the text of the book and hundreds of reviews, etc. and compiled a 22-page list of over 100 reasons why this book is dangerous and contains, as well as represents, false teaching.

The book, The Prayer of Jabez by Bruce Wilkinson, has some similarities to the book, The Secret. As with many popular fadish ideas, “The Secret” has a nugget of truth but gets taken to unbiblical extremes. In the Secret, also known as the "law of attraction," ... The Prayer of Jabez, considered by the author to be a "secret" he found in an obscure... The Prayer of Jabez could be called the "law of blessing" or something because it teaches you to pray this prayer every day and that God will always answer this prayer to be blessed by God. However, the author says it must be said precisely and "not changed or it is no longer the Prayer of Jabez."

This is what I compiled and I am not going to spend any more time on this book. I have completely read the book but there may be errors or incorrect page numbers due to quotes from people with different versions of the book.

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