Separation, not divorce, is the last resort when a marriage is failing. Divorce is failure. Sadly too many people bypass separation and go right to divorce. Sometimes it so they can just move on but often it's just because they are impatient, proud and selfish. It's completely another thing if the other spouse insists on divorce and gives up on the marriage. However, the Bible states explicitly that as long as a spouse is willing to be married, you must remain married to them (1 Corinthians 7:10-16, 27, 39). But what happens in the case of physical abuse? What if they have addictions they can't control? In all these cases, the spouse has to help the other spouse in love, and at times that means separation for a time. There are many reasons and benefits for this but this should only be in the most extreme cases as this can affect people in different ways. Some people will feel abandoned, some will feel a sense of freedom to do whatever they want, some may like it and want to stay separated... This needs to be covered in prayer, done out of love, and should always be a last resort. Counseling should always be attempted before separation to see if a third party, and most importantly our Lord, can help change things.

Please read my article on divorce for more information and Scriptures. It can be found here.

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