The Soul


The soul is the incorporeal or eternal part of a living being, separate from the body and spirit. We are triune beings consisting of three parts (body, soul and spirit). The soul is commonly said to consist of three parts as well, the mind, will and emotions. People can in a sense "operate" out of each of the three parts of them. Typically we are operating our of our soul, meaning that our primary existance revolves around our mind, will and emotions. We also largely operate out of our flesh or body. We are often "fleshy," meaning that we are focussed on our flesh's needs and desires. However, God wants us to operate out of our spirit. As He must become greater and we must become less, so must our spirit become greater than our flesh and even our soul. When we operate out of our spirit, we are not thinking about our body, our mind is not racing, and we are not focussed on our emotions. When our spirit is dominant, we can sometimes see in the spirit, have visions, etc.


In Christian theology, ensoulment is the creation of a soul within a human being or, to those who believe in pre-existence of the soul, the moment at which the soul is inserted into the body. The exact gestational age at which ensoulment is believed to happen is debatable.

Some theologians have believed that souls are newly created within a developing fetus, while others believe that souls were created before time and are added to the fetus as it develops.

Common views include ensoulment happening at the moment of conception, at the formation of the nervous system and brain, at the first brain activity, at the time of quickening, and when the fetus is able to survive independently of the uterus (viability). Others place the time of ensoulment at the moment of birth, and others at the moment of first breath.

Psychopannychia (Soul Sleep)

Psychopannychia is derived from Greek words which trnaslate to "the sleep of the soul."

It is clear from Scripture that the soul is eternal and does not sleep, but rather goes to either heaven or hades, whereas hades is a part of hell for the unconverted before the Final Judgment.

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