Spiritual Mapping


"Spiritual Mapping" is a fairly new concept where some people spend time discerning and mapping the names of demonic principalities over sities and nations (territorial spirits). They can also attempt to locate cult and occult centers, abortion clinics, or occult idol objects like statues or monuments which may invite a power over over a city. They may construct a historical map of past major events or cult/occult activities. They are then named and fought, using methods ranging from intensive prayer, prayer walking, confrontation, to even destroying objects. This can lead to angry or violent confrontations, and even disgrace of the Gospel, hindering evangelism. Yet the overall focus of spiritual mapping is evangelism. It is believed by some that through spiritual mapping we can discover the hindrances to the Gospel message in an area, and then, through sustained intercession, remove the hinderances. George Otis Jr., a proponent of spiritual mapping, calls this "informed intercession".

Strategic-Level Spiritual Warfare (SLSW)

Unfortunately some people, mostly in the Charismatic movement, have chosen to take the authority God has given us over this terrestrial realm (the first heaven) into the second heaven where spiritual warfare occurs between principalities and powers. We have only been commissioned to subdue the earth. As Christ's followers, we have been given authority to perform every form of terrestrial warfare mentioned in the Bible. Jesus sent us into the world to preach the Gospel, cast out demons, heal the sick, and even raise the dead - all warfare activities in the terrestrial first heaven.

Personally I became somewhat interested in these subjects when they burst on the scene in the 90's but also realized that these practices do not agree with Scripture. In my spiritual youth I did try SLSW and even physically destoyed many evil things, from books to shrines, but that could have got me killed if it wasn't for the grace of God. I evangelized people involved in the occult and it could have led to me being harmed. Demonic principalities and powers can literally destroy us or our loved ones if we overstep our authority in God. If this was a Biblical pattern, we would see some expression of it in the Bible, especially the New Testament. Yet, Paul does not discuss the origin of demons, name any powers, hiearchies or functions, or tell us to confront them. Yet these techniques try to focus on each of these. I believe these practices focus on the enemy and I don't believe we have the authority to perform SLSW. A lot of people who have been involved in this practice have received backlash from the enemy, as evidenced in numerous books like Needless Casualties of War by John Paul Jackson.

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