Territorial Spirits

"Territorial spirits" is a term used by some Christians to describe spirits which are confined to a specific territory or region. I believe that demons, as well as other evil spirits (e.g. principalities and powers) can be territorial. Some verses and passages in the Bible which concern territorial spirits are Daniel 10; Mark 5:10; and Ephesians 6:12. These spirits can be confined to and controlling a small area like a forest or a village, or a large area like a country.

The entire chapter of Daniel 10 is the most detailed passage and specifically names two powerful territorial spirits ("the prince of the kingdom of Persia" or "price of Persia," and the "prince of Greece." It also details what these spirits did, how an angel and Michael fought against them, and essentially what transpired in the spiritual realm when Daniel simply prayed.

It is interesting that this was also prophetic, for when we look back in history, we see at this time that the Jews were taken into captivity and were being held captive. Yet as the seventy years of exile were just about up, Persia let the captives go back to Israel and build a temple. However, Israel was still under Persian control until the Greeks conquered the region. The Greeks were then the dominant rulers until the Romans came. So there are clearly demonic forces that assert control over governments and these are called territorial spirits.

I believe it is clear that territorial spirits exist. This is made very clear from Daniel 10 (the Bible) and it is very clear from experience. This has been confirmed by missionaries, and is an undisputed fact among numerous cultures and occult groups like Santeria that worship territorial spirits.

The existance of territorial spirits is still somewhat controversial but the real problem is that some Christians believe it is their duty to engage territorial spirits in spiritual warfare. This cannot be justified with Scripture. There is not a single instance in the Bible where someone actively sought out a spirit in order to engage it. Demon-possessed individuals were encountered, and some were brought to Jesus and His disciples for healing, but the disciples didn't go looking for demons or spirits to engage them in prayer. Many of the people who have engaged in this activity have been spiritually and even physically attacked, and many have become sick or even died. So regardless we are not to engage territorial spirits.

The prince of Persia and prince of Greece withstood the angel for twenty-one days. This means he was detained (he was alone with kings of Persia) but does not neccesarily mean it took the angel twenty-one days because the prince of Persia was so strong. I don't think it was like they were having a wrestling watch and it took twenty-one days for the angel to pin the prince of Persia to the ground or make him give up. I also believe demons can be territorial but they have been shown from experience to be able to travel instantaneously to any part of the world.

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