Tolerance is becoming a popular word that's thrown around, but it's widely understood. A lot of people think everyone should be tolerant of others, but they take it one step further to mean that we should allow everything and not voice our concerns, to "live and let live." This is wrong and let me explain why. If an architect is wrong and we know it, we need to tell him or else other people's lives will be at stake. We should address him with civility, not threaten his life, rebuke him in front of others, etc. We should be diplomatic and use the proper tone, that is tolerance. Tolerance is not keeping quiet and letting people die. That's just plain cowardice (See Revelation 21:8) and cold love. If we truly believe that people are going to hell without Jesus Christ, what kind of person would keep quiet? If someone is drowning, do you throw them a life saver or just "live and let drown?" The Bible is very clear that most people are going to hell, "narrow is the road that leads to life, and only a few find it" (Matthew 7:13-14). We need to do something about this and the Bible is very clear on how we do that.

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