Where Is God?

Where is God? Have you ever asked why He doesn't reveal Himself, if He does exist after all? Well, the truth of the matter is that God exists and He has revealed Himself, but you probably think that isn't enough. I understand completely and I am writing a book on this subject. Let me share a few nuggets and I'll have the book on this website when they're printed.

Through creation, from the smallest atomic particles to the entire universe, there is remarkable order. This order points to a sane Creator who created that order. In fact, God has revealed himself so clearly though his amazing creation, that we are without excuse (see Romans 1:20-22). Have you seen any of those shows like "Life" on TV which talk about how amazing God's creation is?

God also revealed Himself to mankind throughout history. God revealed Himself from the creation of mankind (Adam and Eve). God revealed Himself to Abram (Abraham) who was called out of the post-Babel nations and promised by God to be the father of the nation of Israel (Genesis 12:2, 17:5-6). God even came to earth 2,000 years ago (Jesus Christ) and completely changed history forevermore. He is wanting to reveal Himself to you, right now, right where you are.

So why hasn't He revealed Himself more? If God so desired, He could simply appear and try to prove to the whole world that He exists. But if He did that, people would not neccesarily believe, and many would not. Remember, Jesus came to the earth before, and although many believed, many still doubted. If He revealed Himself so there was no need for faith, God would not be plased and we wouldn't please Him, for as the Bible clearly states, faith is what pleases God. He wants us to believe with seeing the evidence. We are promised in the Bible that we will be rewarded for our faith. “Then Jesus told him, ‘Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed’” (John 20:29). So if God were to come back to earth and reveal Himself to every person, He would not only lose His pleasure in seeing our child-like faith, but we would also lose our rewards/blessings for it.

You see, what matters is God's perspective, not ours. He sees the big picture and everything is for Him, not us. God reveals Himself to everyone justly and people end up either acepting Him or rejecting Him. My view of hell has changed and I now believe it is the fire of God's love which torments those who resist it. People have free will so it is possible that they will resist it forever, therefore everyone does not neccesarily "go to heaven." However, I think God will do everything He can to redeem all of creation. God is so much better than we have been taught, more loving than we can ever imagine! Remember, if God seems distant, you are the one who is distant, not Him.

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