Word of Faith


"Word of Faith" theology has been defined as the belief "that if one believes the Word of God and confesses it, then the believer shall receive what they confess."1 This act of believing and speaking is said to be described by Jesus in Mark 11:22. The term word of faith itself is derived from the biblical passage Romans 10:8 which speaks of "the word of faith that we preach."

Word of Faith theology is not the same as prosperity theology, though most, if not all, Word of Faith teachers hold to some level of prosperity theology.


Much like the prosperity/health and wealth message, Word of Faith didn't have a clear beginning. One of the first proponents of Word of Faith was E. W. Kenyon. Kenneth Hagin was heavily influenced by Kenyon’s writings. Hagin has been referred to as the “father” of the modern Word of Faith movement. He elaborated on Kenyon’s theology of covenant confession, preaching a four-part formula for receiving God’s promises: “Say it; do it; receive it; tell it.” Many Bible preachers and teachers have been influenced either directly or indirectly by Kenneth Hagin and his teaching. The most recognized include Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, Creflo Dollar, Jerry Savelle, Bill Winston, Joel Osteen, Charles Nieman, Hobart Freeman, and Bill Johnson.2

Personally, I originally reacted against what I was seeing in this movement, as did much of the Christian church. However, I have come to see the balance in Scripture and pratically speaking, our words have tremendous meaning. Whenever people pray, there is always an immediate reaction in the spirit realm. God is looking for faith, which is what pleases Him, so when we speak with faith, it is going to have repercussions. However, if we deduce this to a formula and think because we speak something it is going to happen, we are missing the point and the relationship aspect. We need to speak God's will out of relationship with Him and with faith we can truly move mountains (spiritual) which can also be manifested in the physical. There is a lot to this but I believe it is important to clearly define our terms and completely explain what we're talking about before we judge and label something like this. Speaking with faith is very powerful if we use it correctly out of relationship with God.


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