Full List of Extrabiblical Writings

To explain simply, the apocrypha and pseudepigrapha are collections of writings which were not included in the Bible for various reasons.  There is a lot written on this subject and I encourage you to research the history of the Bible. They key, however, is that the Bible is trustworthy and reliable and if it wasn't (for example, if it contained false information), it would have to be thrown out and would not be the Word of God. The Bible has stood the test of time and archeological discoveries have always proven the Bible to be true. The apocrypha and pseudepigrapha were not included for many reasons but namely because they didn't pass the stringent tests required in the long process of assembling God's Word into one book called the Bible. You will be amazed at the care taken in this process!

Roman Catholics sometimes call some of these writings Deuterocanonical, meaning "Second Canon" and some are often included in a middle section of Catholic Bibles but not considered equal in authority and inspiration as the Canon.

Protestants typically call these writings the Apocrypha. The term “apocrypha” comes from a Greek word meaning “hidden”, or “things hidden away”. In modern jargon, the word is often used to describe things that are spurious, or of questionable authority.

The Pseudepigrapha (sued-a-PIG-ruffa), whose Greek, meaning is "false subscriptions," is a group of Jewish and Jewish-Christian texts primarily written between 250 B.C.E. and 200 C.E. These books are not included in any Bible, Apocrypha, or even rabbinic literature. Of course, some books in the Apocrypha are also written with “false subscriptions” – Baruch, Letter of Jeremiah, 2 Esdras, Wisdom of Solomon, etc., adding to some of the confusion surrounding what books are considered to be part of the Apocrypha, and what books are part of the Pseudepigrapha.

It is widely accepted why these books were not included in the Canon, and it is also pretty clear where they are considered inaccurate. With that in mind, they still contain a lot of beneficial information and I have enjoyed studying a lot of these books as a supplement to my regular Bible reading. Keep in mind it is much more important to read the Bible, not false writings.

This is the largest list of it's kind anywhere on the Internet (and has working links!) and includes the apocrypha/deuterocanonical writings, the pseudepigrapha, other extrabiblical writings, and some historical works.

1 Baruch
1 Clement
1 Enoch (Ethiopic Apocalypse of Enoch) (aka Hanokh)
1 Enoch (General Info) (aka Hanokh)
1 Enoch Composit (inc. Charles, Lawrence & others) (aka Hanokh)
1 Esdras [ more info]
1 Maccabees [ more info]
2 Baruch (The Book of the Apocalypse of Baruch)
2 Clement
2 Enoch (General Info)
2 Enoch (Slavonic Book of the Secrets of Enoch )
2 Esdras [ more info]
2 Maccabees [ more info]
3 Baruch ( The Greek Apocalypse of Baruch)
3 Corinthians
3 Enoch (Hebrew Apocalypse of Enoch)
3 Kings
3 Maccabees [ more info] [ RSV]
4 Baruch ( Paraleipomena Jeremiou)
4 Kings
4 Maccabees [ more info] [ RSV]
5 Esra
5 Maccabees
6 Esra
Abdias, The Prophecy of
Abercius, Inscription of [ Quasten]
Abgarus, King of Edessa and the Epistle of Jesus Christ [ mirror] [ mirror]
Abraham, The Apocalypse of
Abraham, The Book of
Abraham, The Testament of [ mirror]
Asclepius 21-29
Acts 29
Acts of A King (4Q248) [ mirror]
Adam and Eve, Life of -- Translation of the Greek version (aka The Apocalypse of Moses)
Adam and Eve, Life of -- Translation of the Slavonic version
Adam and Eve, Life of (Multiple Versions)
Adam and Eve, The Books of -- Translation of the Latin version
Adam, Apocalypse of ( Parrott / MacRae) [MacRae]
Adam, The Book of
Addeus the Apostle, The Teachings of [ mirror]
Adrian in behalf of Christians [ mirror]
Ages of The World (4Q180-181 ) [ mirror]
Ahikar [ mirror] [ mirror]
Allogenes [ mirror] [mirror]
Amram, Vision of [Not Online]
Andrew and Matthias, Acts of
Andrew, Acts of
Annointing, On The
Antoninus to the Common Assembly of Asia, Epistle of [mirror]
Antoninus, Epistle of
Apelles [ mirror]
Apollonius [ Roberts-Donaldson]
Apollonius, Acts of [ Eusebius' Summary]
Apostles' Creed
Apostles, The Epistle of the [ mirror] [mirror]
Apostles, The Teachings of the
Apostolic Constitutions (Didascalia Apostolorum)
Apostrophe to Zion
Arabic Infancy Gospel
Archons, The Hypostasis of the
Aristeas the Exegete
Aristeas the Exegete
Aristeas, The Letter of [ mirror] [ mirror]
Aristides, Apology of
Aristo of Pella
Aristobulus [ mirror] [ more info]
Artapanus [ more info] [ Greek]
Assorted Manuscripts
Athanasius: On the Incarnation
Athenagoras of Athens
Athenagoras of Athens, A Plea For the Christians
Athenagoras of Athens, On The Resurrection of the Dead
Augustine, The Writings of
Authoritative Teaching
Avenging of the Saviour
Azariah, The Prayer of
Baptism A, On the
Baptism B, On the
Baptismal Ligurgy, A
Baralâm Yewâsef (Barlaam and Josaphat) [ Wiki]
Barnabas, Acts of [ mirror]
Barnabas, Gospel of
Barnabas, The Epistle of [ mirror]
Bartholomew, Gospel of
Bartholomew, Martyrdom of
Bartholomew, the Apostle
Basilides, The Gospel of
Bel and the Dragon
Blessing, A Formulary of
Bountiful Tree, The Parable of the [mirror]
Calendrical Document (Mishmarot)
Carpus, Acts of
Cathar Texts
Cathar Texts (More)
Celsus on Christianity   Cernithus, Gospel of
Celsus' View of Christians and Christianity
Celsus: Fragments from Origen
Cernithus, Revelation of [Missing]
Chosen One, The
Christ and Abgarus, The Letters of
Christ Hymn Taught to Disciples
Christian Sibyllines
City of God, The
Claudius Apollinaris
Clement I
Clement II
Clement of Alexandria
Clement to James, The Epistle of
Clement to the Corinthians, The First Epistle of
Clement to the Corinthians, The Second Epistle of
Clement, Letters to Corinth
Clement, The Recognitions of
Clementine, The Homilies
Cleodemus Malchus
Cleodemus Malchus
Colossians, Epistle from Laodicea to the [Missing]
Community Rule [mirror] [mirror] (aka The Manual of Discipline/Serekh ha-Yahad)
Concept of Our Great Power, The [mirror]
Consumation of Thomas
Copper Scroll, The
Corinth, Epistle to
Corpus Hermeticum
Criapos, Books of  [Missing]
Cyprian, The Writings of
Damascus Document, The [mirror] [ more info] ( aka Zadokite Work, Fragments of a)
Daniel and Susanna
Daniel, Apocalypse of [ paper]
Daniel, The Vision of
David, Apocryphal Psalms of
David, The Annals of King [Missing]
Demetrius the Chronographer
Diatessaron [Diatession]
Didache [ mirror] [ Wiki] [ mirror] [ more info] (aka The Teaching of the Twelve Disciples/Apostles)
Dionysius of Corinth
Discourse on the Eighth and Ninth [ mirror]
Divine-Throne Chariot, The [mirror]
Dura-Europos Gospel Harmony
Ebionites, Gospel of the [ mirror] [ more info]
Egerton Gospel
Egerton Gospel (Egerton Papyrus 2)
Egyptians, Gospel of the [mirror] [mirror]
Elchasai, Book of
Eldad and Modad [ Greek text] [ paper]
Elijah, The Apocalypse of
Enoch (Another version)
Enoch (Slavonic Book of the Secrets of Enoch)
Enoch And The Watchers
Enoch, Secrets of
Ephraim of Syria`s Hymn Against Bar-Daisan
Ephraim of Syria`s The Pearl: Seven Hymns on the Faith
Epiphanes On Righteousness
Epistula Apostolorum
Esdras, Revelation of (1st Esdras)
Esdras, Revelation of (2nd Esdras)
Esdras, Revelation of (diff)
Esdras, The Revelation of [mirror] [mirror]
Esther, Additions to
Esther, The Remaning Chapters of
Eucharist A, On the
Eucharist B, On the
Eugnostos the Blessed [mirror]
Eupolemus, Pseudo-
Eve, Gospel of [ Wiki]
Exhortation Based On The Flood
Ezekiel the Tragedian
Ezekiel, Apocryphon of
Ezra, Greek Apocalypse of
Ezra, Questions of
Ezra, Revelation of
Ezra, Vision of
Fayyum Fragment
Genesis and Exodus, A Reworking of
Genesis, Commentaries on
Giants, The Book of [mirror] (aka The Writing to the Parthians)
Gilgamesh, Epic of (Wiki) [Wiki2] [ translation] [ another]
Gospel of Truth
Great Power, The Concept of Our [mirror]
Greek Poets, Fragments of Pseudo-
Hebrews, Gospel of (Hebrews 2) [mirror]
Hellenistic Synagogal Prayers
Hermas, Shepherd of [ mirror]
Herod and Pilate, Letters Of
Hesychius, False Gospels of the [missing]
Hippolytus of Rome
History of Joseph the Carpenter
Hosea Commentary
Hymn Of The Initiants, A
Hymns of Triumph
Hymns, The Book of
Hypsiphrone [mirror]
Ignatius of Antioch
Ignatius to Polycarp, The Epistle of
Ignatius to the Ephesians, The Epistle of
Ignatius to the Magnesians, The Epistle of
Ignatius to the Philadelphians,  The Epistle of
Ignatius to the Philippians, The Epistle of
Ignatius to the Romans, The Epistle of
Ignatius to the Smyraeans, The Epistle of
Ignatius to the Trallians, The Epistle of
Ignatius, The Epistles of
Ignatius, The Martyrdom of
In Praise of Wisdom
Infancy Compilation (all)
Infancy Gospel, Arabic
Inheritance of The Firstborn, The Messiah of David, The
Invitation to Grace After Meals
Irenaeus of Lyons
Isaac, Testament of
Isaiah, The Ascension of [ more info]
Isaiah, The Martyrdom of [ mirror]
Israel And The Holy Land
Jacob, Ladder of [ more info]
Jacob, Prayer of Jacob, Testament of [ more info]
Jacob, The Vision of
James, Apocryphon of [mirror] [ mirror] [Cameron]
James, Book of (protevangelium)
James, The Gospel of, Infancy [Wiki] [mirror] [ more info] (aka The Protevangelion/Protevangelium)
James, Secret Book of
James, The Apocryphon of
James, The First Apocalypse of [mirror] [mirror]
James, The Second Apocalypse of [ mirror] [mirror]
Jannes and Jambres [ more info] [ paper]
Jasher, Book of [ mirror] [ mirror] [ Wiki]
Jeremiah, Letter of [mirror]
Jesus Christ and Abgarus King of Edessa, The Epistles of (Another version)
Jesus Christ, First Infancy Gospel of
Jesus Christ, The First Gospel of the Infancy of
Jesus Christ, The Sophia of [mirror]
Jesus, Hymn of (Mead)
Jesus to Abgarus, The Epistles of
Jeu, Books of
Job, Targum of
Job, Testament of [ more info] [ original Greek]
John concerning the dormition of Mary (transitus mariæ), Book of
John the Evangelist
John the Evangelist, Book of
John the Theologian Revelation of
John the Theologian, Acts of
John the Theologian, The Revelation of
John, The Acts of [mirror]
John, The Acts of, Excerpt from the Mystery of Cross
John, The Apocryphon of [mirror] [mirror]
John, The Book of, Concerning the Death of Mary
Jonathan, Prayer for King (Alexander Jannaeus)
Joseph and Aseneth
Joseph of Arimathaea, The Narrative of [mirror]
Joseph of Arimathaea and Aseneth [ more info] [Wiki]
Joseph the Carpenter, The History of
Joseph, History of
Joseph, Prayer of
Josephus, Flavius [mirror] [mirror] [mirror] [Wiki] [more info] [more info]
Joshua, Psalms of [Not Online]
Jubilees, Book of [ mirror]
Judas Iscariot, Gospel of
Julius Cassianus
Justin Martyr
Justin Martyr, Dialogue with Trypho
Justin Martyr, Discourse to the Greeks
Justin Martyr, First Apology
Justin Martyr, First Apology of
Justin Martyr, Fragments from the Lost Writings of Justin
Justin Martyr, Hortatory Address to the Greeks
Justin Martyr, On the Resurrection
Justin Martyr, On the Sole Government of God
Justin Martyr, Second Apology
Justin’s Discourse to the Greeks
Justin’s Hortatory Address to Greeks
Justin’s writings, Fragments of
Justin-sole government of God
Justin-the Resurrection
Kerygmata Petrou
Knowledge, The Interpretation of [mirror]
Laodiceans, Epistle to the
Laodiceans, The Epistle to
Last Days: A Commentary on Selected Verses
Legends of the Jews (Ginzberg)  - This is a massive collation of the Haggada--the traditions which have grown up surrounding
the Biblical narrative. These stories and bits of layered detail are scattered throughout the Talmud and the Midrash, and other
sources, including oral. In the 19th century Ginzberg undertook the task of arranging the Haggada into chronological order, and this
series of volumes was the result.

Letter of the Law : Ordinances, The
Litany Of The Angels
Liturgical Calendar, A
Liturgy, A
Lord, Gospel of the [mirror] (Marcion)
Lucian of Samosata
Lucian of Samosata, Alexander the False Prophet
Lucian of Samosata, The Passing of Peregrinus
Manasseh, The Prayer of
Manichaeans, Fundamental Epistle by the (Wiki) [ Other Manichaean Writings]
Mara Bar Serapion
Marcion, Book of
Marcion, Gospel of the Lord [mirror]
Marcionite, Anti-Prologues
Marcus Aurelius to the Senate
Marcus Aurelius to the Senate, Epistle of
Marcus Aurelius
Mark, Secret Gospel of [more info]
Marsanes [mirror]
Martyrdom of Bartholomew
Martyrdom of the Holy Martyrs
Mary of Bethany, (Magdalene), The Gospel of
Mary, Excerpts from the Gospel of
Mary, Gospel According To
Mary, Gospel of
Mary, Gospel of the Nativity of
Mary, The Gospel of the Birth Of
Mary, The Gospel of the Nativity of
Mary, The Passing of
Mathetes to Diognetus, Epistle of
Mathetes to Diognetus, The Epistle of
Matthew the Apostle, Acts and Martyrdom of St.
Matthew, Infancy Gospel of Pseudo
Matthew, Infancy Gospel of Pseudo- [ mirror] [ mirror] [ mirror] (aka Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew)
Matthew, The Acts and Martyrdom of
Matthew, The Gospel of Pseudo
Matthew, The Martyrdom of
Matthew, The Martyrdom of
Matthias, Gospel of
Matthias, Traditions of
Mattias, Traditions of
Maximus of Jerusalem
Meditation on Israel's History
Melchizedek [mirror] [mirror]
Melchizedek, The Coming of [mirror]
Melito of Sardis
Michael And King Zedekiah, The Archangel
Michael, Words of
Miqsat Ma`ase ha-Torah (MMT)
Mishmarot (Calendrical Document)
Montanist Anonymous Anti-
Morning Hymn
Moses, Apocalypse of
Moses, Revelation of
Moses, Revelation of
Moses, The Apocalypse of
Moses, The Assumption of, The Testament of [ mirror] [ more info] (aka: The Testament of Moses)
Moses, The Revelation of
Moses, Sayings of [Not Online]
Moses, The Seventh Book of
Moses, The Sixth Book of
Moses, The Words of
Muratonian Canon (fragment)
Muratorian Canon
Mysteries, Book of [Not Online]
Naassene Fragment
Nabonidus, Prayer of
Nabonidus, The Healing of King
Nahum Commentary
Narrative of Joseph of Arimathaea
Nazaraeans, Gospel of the
Nazarenes, Gospel According to the
Nazoreans ,Gospel of the
New Jerusalem
Nicodemus Gospel (Acts) of (aka The Acts of Pontius Pilate)
Nicodemus, The Gospel of (aka Acts of Pilate)
Nicodemus, The Gospel of (or Acts of Pontius Pilate) (Another Version)
Noah, Book of ( Wiki) [ Paper] [ more info] [ more info] [ more info]
Norea, The Thought of [mirror]
Octavius of Minucius Felix
Ophite Diagrams
Origin of the World, On the [mirror]
Osee, The Prophecy of
Oxyrhynchus Logia and the apocryphal gospels - By Charles Taylor
Oxyrhynchus 1224 Gospel
Oxyrhynchus 840 Gospel
Paralipomenon, The First Book of
Paralipomenon, The Second Book of
Passion Narrative
Passion of the Scillitan Martyrs
Patriarchs, Lives of The
Patriarchs, Tales of the
Patriarchs, Tales of the
Paul and Seneca
Paul and Seneca, The Correspondence of
Paul and Thecla, Acts of
Paul and Thecla, Acts of
Paul the Apostle to Seneca, The Epistles of (w/Seneca's to Paul)
Paul the Apostle to the Laodiceans, The Epistle of
Paul, Acts of [mirror]
Paul, Apocalypse of [ mirror] [ MacRae] [MacRae]
Paul, Coptic Apocalypse of
Paul, Revelation of
Paul, Revelation of
Paul, The Prayer of the Apostle [mirror]
Paul, The Vision of
Paul, The Vision of
Pentateuch, Reworked
Perfect Mind,  The Thunder [mirror]
Perfection, Gospel of [Missing]
Perpetua and Felicitas,  Acts of [ Shewring] [ Roberts-Donaldson]
Perpetua, The Story of
Peter and Andrew, The Acts of [mirror]
Peter and Paul, Acts of
Peter and Paul, Epistle to [missing]
Peter and Paul, The Acts of
Peter and the Twelve Apostles, The Acts of [mirror]
Peter to James, The Epistle of
Peter to Philip, Letter of [mirror] [mirror] [ more info]
Peter, Acts of [mirror]
Peter, Additional Acts of
Peter, Coptic Apocalypse of
Peter, Lost Gospel [ mirror] [ mirror] [ mirror] [ more info] [ article]
Peter, Preaching of
Peter, The Apocalypse of [mirror] [mirror] [mirror] [James] [Brashler/Dullard] (aka The Revelation of Peter)
Philip, Acts of
Philip, Journeyings of the Apostle
Philip, The Acts of
Phillip, Additions to the Acts of
Phillip, Gospel of
Phillip, Secret Gospel of
Philo of Alexandria The Biblical Antiquities of (James)
Philo the Epic Poet (aka Philo the Elder)
Phylactery (Tefillin) Scroll
Pilate the Procurator, Report of
Pilate to Caesar, The Report of
Pilate, Acts of
Pilate, Letters of [mirror]
Pilate, The Giving Up of
Pistis Sophia [ mirror] [ more info]
Plea For Deliverance (aka Psalms Scroll 11QPs)
Plea For Grace
Pliny the Younger
Polycarp to the Philippians
Polycarp to the Philippians, The Epistle of
Polycarp, Martyrdom of
Polycarp, The Martyrdom of
Polycrates of Ephesus
Pontius Pilate, Epistles of
Power, The Concept of Our Great [mirror]
Prayer for Intercession
Prayer of Manassas
Prayer of Praise
Preaching of Peter
Priestly Service
Prophets, The Lives of the [more info]
Protevangelion, The [mirror] [mirror] [more info] (aka Protevangelium of James, Gospel of James, Infancy)
Proverbs, A Collection of
Psalm 151
Psalms, Commentary on
Psalms:Dead Sea Scroll
Psuedo-Sibylline Oracles
Ptolemy, Commentary on The Gospel Of John Prologue [mirror]
Ptolemy's Letter to Flora
Q, Gospel referred to by the letter
Quadratus of Athens, Asinius (Fragments) [Not Online]
Rechabites, History of the [more info] [original Greek] [Wiki] [Paper]
Redemption and Resurrection
Resurrection, Treatise on the
Ritual Purity Laws
Sapiential Work [ mirror] (aka Secret of The Way Things Are, The)
Savior, Dialogue of the [mirror]
Savior, Gospel of the
Savior, The Avenging of the
Scillitan Martyrs, Passion of the
Scythianus, Gospel of [Missing]
Secret of The Way Things Are, The [ mirror] (aka Sapiential Work)
Secrets, The Book of [mirror]
Sedrach, Apocalypse of [mirror]
Seleucus, The Suffering of the Apostles [Missing]  
Sentences of the Sextus
Serapion of Antioch
Seth, Revelation of Adam`s Origin
Seth, The Three Steles of [mirror]
Seth, The  Second Treatise of the Great [ mirror] [ mirror]
Sextus, The Sentences of [mirror] [mirror]
Shem, Treatise of [mirror] [Wiki] [more info] (aka Paraphrase of Shem)
Shepherd of Hermas [mirror]
Sibylline Oracles [mirror] [Wiki]
Signs Gospel
Silvanus, The Teachings of [mirror]
Simon Cephas, The Teaching of
Sirach, Wisdom of
Solomon, Odes of [Charlesworth] [more info]
Solomon, Psalms of
Solomon, Testament of
Solomon, The Wisdom of
Solomon, Wisdom of
Son of God, A Vision of the
Songs of the Sabbath Sacrifice
Sophia of Jesus Christ
Sophonias ,The Prophecy of
Soul, The Exegesis on the
Stephen, Revelation of
Stephen, Revelations of
Syriac Menander
Tatian's Address to the Greeks
Teaching, Authoritative
Temple as Described In The Temple Scroll, The
Tertullian on Martyrs
Tertullian on Patience
Tertullian on Prayer
Tertullian on Specticals
Thaddaeus, The Acts of
Thaddaeus, The Gospel of
Thaddeus (Epistles of Pontius Pilate), Acts of
Thaddeus, Teaching of
Thanksgiving, The Prayer of [mirror]
Theodotus, Excerpts of
Theophilus of Antioch
Theophilus of Antioch, Book 1
Theophilus of Antioch, Book 2
Theophilus of Antioch, Book 3
Theophilus of Caesarea
Thomas the Contender, Book of
Thomas the Contender, The Book of
Thomas, Acts of [mirror]
Thomas, Apocalypse of [mirror]
Thomas, Infancy Gospel of [ more info] [ more info] [Wiki]
Thomas, Infancy Gospel of - Greek A
Thomas, Infancy Gospel of - Greek B
Thomas, Infancy Gospel of - Latin
Thomas, The Consummation of
Three Patriarchs, Testaments of the [Not Online]
Thunder, The, Perfect Mind [mirror]
Tongues of Fire [mirror]
Torah Precepts
Treasures, The Cave of
Treatise on the Resurrection [mirror]
Trimorphic Protennoia [mirror] [more info]
Tripartite Tractate, The [mirror]
Truth, Gospel of [mirror] [more info] [Wiki] [Attridge & MacRae]
Truth, Testimony of
Twelve Apostles, Teaching of the [ Wiki] [ mirror] [ more info] (aka The Didache)
Twelve Patriarchs, Testaments of the
Two Ways, The
Uziah, Acts of [Missing]
Valentinian Exposition [mirror]
Victor I
Vienna and Lyons, Letter from
Virgin, Apocalypse of the [mirror] [mirror]
War Rule
War Scroll, The
Wars of the Jews
Wicked Woman, Wiles of the
Wisdom Text
Xanthippe and Polyxena, Acts of
Zadokite work, Fragments of a (aka: The Damascus Document) [mirror] [ more info]
Zephaniah, Apocalypse of [more info] [Wiki]
Zion, A Lament for
Zion, Apostrophe to
Zosimus Concerning the Life of the Blessed, The Narrative of

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